Do’s & Don’ts of Effective Web Design

Effective web design can take your business a long way as the website is the backbone of the company. An aesthetically pleasing & user-friendly website is appreciated by everyone. The main objective behind creating a business website is maximizing the sales of their products and services.

The website should be engaging enough to make your customers return over again. A well- designed & optimized website helps in capturing the attention of the visitors easily. Before planning to hire a web developer for creating your business website, you need to be aware of some dos and don’ts of effective web design.

Here are a few dos and don’ts that one should consider to avoid any pitfalls while creating an effective web design:


Focus on what is important

The most important thing that one should be aware of is that the content of the website is king. While designing the website, one should always make sure that the layout of the website should complement the content. The content of the website should get the proper amount of attention. The designers should focus on creating a creative layout that offers a maximum focus on the products and services offered by the website.


Fill up the homepage with excessive advertisement

Avoid flooding your homepage with the excessive irrelevant advertisement. Making money through advertisement is not a bad idea but making your ads a priority is definitely a bad decision. Displaying multiple ad sets on the website will decrease the visibility of your website content. Always make sure to have a good ratio between content and advertisement.


Pick the right color scheme

Another mistake most people tend to commit is not considering the target audience’s sentiment while choosing the color scheme of the website. The designers should always choose the appropriate color scheme while creating a web layout. For instance- While creating a medical niche website, light color scheme should be used and must refrain from using bold colors.


Overdo with too many colors

One should avoid using too many colors on the website as it doesn’t look professional. The colors should complement each other and shouldn’t clash. Using splashes of different bold colors will more look like a school project rather than a business website.


Keep your web pages structured

Another important thing that every designer should consider while designing any website is to keep the web pages structured and easy to follow format. A well-designed page structure helps the users to navigate easily between the pages.


Clutter your website

Cluttering the website with too many fancy elements will surely end up making you lose your visitors. If your focus is to make your website stand out among others then you need to focus on adding valuable and eye-catching content on the website but must avoid cluttering it as then your visitors may not decide what to focus on. Cluttering the website can result in lowering down the user experience so you must refrain doing it.

To conclude this we can say that,

The website is indeed the backbone of your business, and you must consider all these dos and don’ts of web design while creating an impactful website. By following these dos and don’ts, you can surely avoid any pitfalls, and focus on creating a functional, user-friendly & highly convertible website.