Do online reviews affect SEO?

In this digital age, customer services and brand loyalty go hand in hand. Customer reviews and rating plays a critical role in crafting a brand’s visibility in search engine. To acknowledge the evolving needs of the users, Google embraces online reviews and feedbacks. Google’s new algorithm give importance to online reviews to influence a brand’s search engine ranking.

Online reviews are so critical because they largely influence the buying decision of customers. Online feedback has become an SEO factor as google enhance the visibility of the brands that have more positive online reviews from the customers. Online reviews can make or break a company’s reputation as people rely on other people opinion before considering any purchase decision. If a company has more positive reviews then more people will consider buying its product and services which eventually will give a green signal to the search engine that the brand is genuine and trustworthy.

Let’s consider some of the ways in which online reviews affect SEO:

More positive review means more conversions

Both Google & consumers trust reviews and rating. More positive review means more alluring to the browsing consumers which can result in increasing the conversion rates. Good reviews can drive higher traffic indicating positive SEO signal to the search engine. Higher the conversion rates, higher will be the visibility of the company on the search engine.

Reviews help in building credibility

Nowadays, increase in the number of reviews result in increasing the credibility of the online business. People actively seek out for the reviews before placing an order. A more positive review will help in making the purchasing decision easier. Increase in the review can improve the visibility and credibility of the business.

Online reviews help in improving search ranking

Whenever someone writes a review about any product or service, it helps the search engine to know better about that brand. Having online reviews helps the search engine to know what your business has to offer to the customer then rank accordingly. With more positive engagement with customers, you can improve your ranking on search engine.

Search engine trust customers, not businesses

Google places trust in customer reviews to determine whether or not the business should have good visibility in the search engine. When customers give good rating and reviews then search engine take it as a positive interaction and offer higher ranking to those businesses on SERPS.

Final thoughts:

Online reviews can have a critical impact on online ranking, conversion rates, and it can also influence the purchasing decision of the consumers. Acquiring good reviews can help in enhancing the company reputation and brand loyalty. So, we can say that online reviews can surely impact SEO by influencing consumer behavior and brand’s organic visibility.