Design Mistakes that can Kill your Sales

While designing a website, you need to take care of a number of elements so that you can easily drive higher conversions. The whole existence of a business depends on its website so to be able to achieve your desired goals, it essential to strengthen the backbone of your business by working on its design.

While building your website, you need to focus on human psychology and testing. These are the major factors that you need to keep in mind to boost your website conversion rates. You should design your website in a way that it can offer value to your business. Having a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional can easily bring more traffic. Committing too many design mistakes can end up killing your sales & revenue.

Just relying on good practices isn’t enough, you need to keep testing all the elements repeatedly to ensure that there are no flaws in it. The design is the first thing that people notice on a website so to ensure that your target audience stays on your site, you need to avoid design mistakes. By overcoming design-related issues, you can improve the user experience of the website.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some common design mistakes that can kill your sales:

Auto-playing media files

Adding various forms of media files can surely elevate make your webpage more appealing but adding an auto-play option to them can totally ruin the user experience of the website. Adding auto-play media files can really frustrate the users and they can end up exiting from the site. No matter how good the video is or how pleasant the music is, always ensure that it plays whenever the visitors click on its play button. Adding auto-play media is the website that is highly unprofessional & it also displays how disrespectful you are to your visitors. Sometimes, in the haste of pausing the video, people sometimes end up leaving the site & don’t come back which ultimately affects the sales of the website.

Vague navigation

Navigation of the website should crystal clear so that your target audience can easily move around in your website without getting confused. Having vague navigation can give a hard time to your customers and due to which your visitors will lose their interest in making any purchases. So, while designing your website, you need to ensure that your site is free of ague navigation. Make sure that your navigation matches up with the theme of the website. Also, make sure to make your navigation logical so that you can avoid killing your sales.

Complicated checkout process

Losing a prospective customer just before he makes the checkout payment is truly painful. To avoid that from happening, you need to ensure that your checkout process is simple & quick so that people can easily perform checkout action. The complicated checkout process can really frustrate the user and he can end up abandoning the cart & leave. Also, make sure to add a number of different payment gateways so that people can easily make their payments.

Unnecessary pop-ups

Adding unnecessary pop-ups on the website can really frustrate any new user. Unwanted pop-ups really affects the user-experience of the users as nobody wants to see a pop up in the middle of reading an article. You need to minimize the use of unwanted pop-ups so that people don’t end up escaping from your website.

No trust indicators

Another mistake that can result in killing your sales is the unavailability of trust indicators on the website. By having to trust badges, you can make your customers feel that your website is absolutely safe & secure to make purchases. Some of the common credentials that you can add on the website to boost its credibility are testimonials, reviews, etc. It will help the customers to place their trust in your website. If you don’t add any trust indicator on your website then it might affect your sales & conversion rate.

Bad spacing

Another factor that can affect your website sales is bad spacing. If your landing page is long then you need to ensure that it has proper spacing so that it looks more persuasive. The length of the page brings more qualified lead but you need to arrange the content in a way so that it doesn’t make the visitor feel overwhelmed. People tend to create long landing pages but if you don’t utilize the space effectively then it will tarnish the user-experience of the users.

Poor quality images

If you are running an e-commerce website then this mistake can severely hurt your sale. In order to sell your products, you need to ensure that the quality of the image of the products is good so that people can easily judge the product by its images. If you want to improve your site’s conversion rate then you need to make sure that the image quality is of high quality. To be able to drive better traffic, you need to invest in high-quality images.

Responsive design

Another mistake that can kill your sales is the lack of responsive design. While designing your website, you need to ensure that your website is completely user-friendly. If you don’t make your website responsive then you can lose out on any sales from the mobile-targeted audience.

So, these are the common design mistakes that you need to avoid otherwise it may kill your sales. You need to keep testing your site so that your website sales improve.

Final Thoughts

To wrap this up, we can say that by avoiding these design mistakes, you can easily convert your visitors into customers.