Debunking Digital Marketing Myths

When it comes to digital marketing, the digital platforms are full of information, however, not all of them are actually true so, it is highly crucial to what to believe & what not to. Most digital marketers tend to believe in all the information that comes their way which results in making their digital marketing strategy fail. In this digital marketplace, it has become essential for every business to incorporate digital marketing to reach out to their target audience. As the world is inclining towards digital marketing, more and more misinformation concerning it has started prevailing. Most marketers get influenced by these digital marketing myths and end up falling victim to it.

To make most out of your digital marketing, it is essential to understand which approach is right and which isn’t. The digital marketing landscape is filled with myths so you need to stop believing in every piece of advice or information that you see on the internet. The digital world is filled with myths and fabricated lies so you need to stay away from it otherwise all your hard work and resources will do down the drain. Also, the digital marketing landscape is evolving continuously so the tactic that was once beneficial may no longer hold its merit so, you need to avoid such tactics as well.

With an array of strategies & tactics that revolves around digital marketing, it can be quite difficult for the businesses to decide which strategy is rewarding and what is just a myth. Segregating myths & misconceptions from legitimate strategies is highly crucial to make your business rule the digital space.

In this article, we’ve debunked some of the most common digital marketing myths:

Myth #1 You don’t need digital marketing if your competition isn’t online

One of the most common myths associated with digital marketing is that you don’t really need it if your competitors aren’t on the digital landscape. Most business owners fell victim of this myth and end up dismissing the option of digital marketing. Investing in digital marketing isn’t about standing out from your competitors, it is more about making your online presence stronger so that people can easily reach out to your business. In this modern marketplace, digital marketing is no longer just an option so you want to grow your business & take it to the next level then you must invest in digital marketing even if your competition isn’t online. Gone are the days when a business can grow their business without having an online presence so, now to achieve your business goals, you cannot ignore digital marketing.

Myth #2 Digital Marketing is way too expensive

The next myth associated with digital marketing is that it highly expensive but the truth is that it is quite cost-effective as compared to the traditional form of marketing. When done right, digital marketing can have a huge impact on your audience and can also bring you closer to your goals. The traditional form of marketing such as ads on billboards or TV commercials cost way more resources and funds than digital marketing so thinking digital marketing expensive is a none other than a myth.

Myth #3 Blogging is just a hobby

The next myth that revolves around digital marketing is that blogging is ineffective & it is just a hobby. In this modern digital marketplace, if you think blogging is just a hobby then you are really missing out on the opportunity to drive your marketing funnel. Blogging may have started as a hobby but through the years it has evolved & now it has become a major part of the business world. Nowadays, many businesses run a blog section to boost their traffic and revenue.  A successful digital marketing campaign is incomplete without blogging so thinking that blogging is not for business is a huge myth.

Myth #4 Click-through-rate is everything

The next common digital marketing myth is that click-through-rate is everything. Well, click-through-rates are significant but only to an extent. Higher click-through-rates doesn’t imply that your digital marketing campaign is successful. Click-through-rates only signifies how many people have actually click on your ads to visit your webpage but it doesn’t imply that all of them have converted into your customers. If your landing page is irrelevant then all your CTRs won’t be beneficial to translate more sales. So, instead of focusing on CTRs, you should concentrate on conversion rates as it is the true indicator of the success of your digital marketing.

Myth #5 SEO is dead

Another common myth is that people think SEO (search engine optimization) is dead but the reality is that evolving day by day. All the black and grey hats techniques that used to work before, has now gone to sleep. The search engines have changed their algorithm so that it can penalize all the sites that use inorganic way of link building. SEO has evolved so much in recent years so the brands that invest in organic SEO activities only get ranked higher on search engine result page.

Myth #6 Bad reviews can kill your business

The next common myth prevailing in the digital marketing world is that bad reviews can kill your business. When it comes to online business, reviews do matter but it doesn’t mean that some bad reviews here and there will kill your business. In this digital world, every business strives to get positive reviews as it acts as social proof but it is not practical to expect only tons of good reviews. Even big successful brands also receive a fair share of bad reviews but that doesn’t imply it will crush the business.

So, these are some of the digital marketing myths associated with digital marketing. In this highly competitive marketplace, it is very crucial for every business part ways from all the digital marketing myths.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, to make your digital marketing more impactful, it is highly crucial to stop believing in all the myths. Also, don’t forget that the world of digital marketing is constantly evolving so, make sure that your strategies also evolves with it.