Debunking Common WordPress Myths

In the digital ecosystem, there are around 31% of WordPress operated websites on the internet. However, there are still some WordPress myths that need to be debunked to present the true picture behind all the myths that revolve around the WordPress landscape. Although WordPress is the most popular website builder, there are certain misconceptions about it in people’s mind.

Through this article, we will be debunking common WordPress myths to separate the facts from the fiction & to make people informed properly about the WordPress platform. In today’s time having a digital presence is of supreme importance so, it becomes necessary to wash off all the misconceptions regarding the leading web development platform.

Let’s discuss all major WordPress myths that circulate in the digital landscape:

#Myth 1:

WordPress is just meant for bloggers

Back in 2003, the initial years of WordPress, it was essentially meant for bloggers however, over the years, it has been transformed into a full-fledged CMS platform. In WordPress, you can get a wide array of plugins to accommodate all sorts of functionalities and build a robust website. So, it is a sheer myth that WordPress is only dedicated to bloggers as it has paved his ways into a variety of websites.

#Myth 2:

WordPress doesn’t come with support

Another major myth that is prevalent in the digital landscape is that WordPress doesn’t come with any support system. WordPress is a huge community of developers & support representatives who are always there to assist you with their expert advice. You can seek help in the WordPress maintenance forum as there you can avail plenty of support from the WordPress community.

#Myth 3:

WordPress isn’t scalable

The next widely popular myth is that WordPress isn’t scalable which implies that WordPress is just well-suited for tiny business websites which is absolutely wrong. Much big company’s websites like TechCrunch, New Yorker Magazine, Sony Music etc. Over the years, WordPress has evolved so much in terms of scalability that all sorts of the website can be powered on this platform. So, it is a sheer myth that WordPress isn’t scalable.

#Myth 4:

WordPress is not secure

Just like any other website building platform, WordPress has tight security. We tend to come across people saying that WordPress is not secure but it is so not true. It is just that WordPress powered around one-third of the total websites on the internet & no software is immune from brute force attacks from hackers so you need to harden your website firewall to fight against any web threats. One must follow all the tips & tricks to keep their website incredibly safe & secure.

#Myth 5:

WordPress is not responsive

The next myth about the WordPress platform is that it is not responsive. Just like any other web-development technology, WordPress is absolutely responsive and updated to current standards. Still, if you find your WordPress website unresponsive then you need to switch your theme as sometimes responsiveness is not available in out-dated themes.

Wrapping Up:

To put it simply, we can say that WordPress is a top-notch web-developing platform, and one mustn’t get swayed by the hollow myths that revolve around the WordPress landscape. Debunking all the myths can help in depicting the true picture of WordPress.