Content Optimization Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Content optimization plays a significant role in search engine optimization as it can help your business to stand out in the crowd. Everyone wants their content to rank online but due to fierce competition in the digital landscape, one needs to optimize their content both carefully & strategically.

In 2020, publishing high-quality, helpful content isn’t enough to attain a prominent position in the search engine, one needs to well-optimized their content so that they can rank well on the search engine. All your strategies & tactics will fall flat if your website isn’t well optimized in order to be found by the search engine.

If you are a newbie content marketer then you should avoid falling into content optimization pitfalls otherwise it can cost your business traffic & search engine rankings. Every piece of content that you post online affects your site’s SEO so you need to optimize it to build credibility. To be able to attain a decent rank in the search engine, you are not only required to produce quality content but also optimize that content for search engine optimization.

In this article, we’ll discuss common content optimization mistakes that one needs to avoid in 2020:

keyword stuffing

One of the most common mistakes that almost everyone has committed to their SEO journey is keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is considered as a black-hat SEO technique & Google often penalizes such sites that stuff irrelevant keywords in their content. This kind of content marketing behavior is forbidden by Google because it tends to degrade the content quality. By going overboard with the keywords, you can harm your content & lessen its possibility to rank on the search engine.

One cannot attain any SEO benefits from stuffing keywords in their content so the best practice is to stay away from it. Also, you need to ensure that the keyword density should not be more than 2% otherwise Google algorithm can penalize your website.

Unnatural links

The next mistake that everyone should avoid is creating unnatural links. When it comes to content optimization, it is highly crucial to ensure that you aren’t linking to any spammy website in your content otherwise it will degrade your content & your search engine ranking. Everyone should avoid including irrelevant links as it can badly impact all their SEO efforts.

Duplicate content

The next mistake that everyone should avoid is adding duplicate content on their website. No matter whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, Google can’t stand sites with duplicate content issues. If the search engine’s algorithm detects that your site has duplicate content then it will penalize your website & your ranking & traffic will affect severely.

Unstructured content

The next mistake that you should consider avoiding is having unstructured content on the website. Unstructured content can severely affect the user experience of the visitors so you should always avoid it. Consider using headings & sub-headings in your content to make it more engaging & easier for the visitors to read. A densely packed content can overwhelm the readers so you should consider avoiding it.

Unedited content

Publishing unedited content is a big mistake that one should avoid. Before making your content available for the readers, you need to proofread it so that it doesn’t contain any errors. If you publish an unedited content & your readers find any mistake in it then it will leave a bad impression on them. Also, it lowers down the value of your content & can affect your readership.

Indexability issues

Having an indexability issue in your website content can put you in so much trouble s it will make it difficult for your website & its content to get found on Google. Your content should be free of any indexability issue as then only you can rank on the search engine. If the search engine finds any issue in indexing your website then all your SEO efforts & strategies will go down the drain. All your content should be well-optimized so that your target audience can easily find you organically.

Irrelevant anchor text

Every content marketer wants to rank his content higher on the search engine, and for doing so they incorporate link building strategies, however, one of the major mistakes that they tend to make is that they employ irrelevant anchor text in their content which results in degrading their content quality.

Unoptimized images

Another common mistake that most people tend to make while optimizing their website content is that they don’t consider optimizing the images which results in affecting their website’s SEO. Although the search engine can’t read the image files, however, by including alt text in them, you can make it understandable for the search engine.

So, these are the mistakes that you need to consider avoiding while doing content optimization. As we’ve discussed before, just publishing quality content isn’t enough to rank well on the search engine, you need to optimize it accurately so that your target audience can avail the content organically. With proper content optimization, you can provide global exposure to your brand & can easily drive desired results.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, we can say that, to be able to secure the success of your website, you need to publish & optimize your content so that it can rank among the first on the search engine.