Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

No matter how big or small a company is, having a presence on social media is of utmost importance. Social Media has an enormous potential to shape up your customer base and to boost ROI as it is a great platform that can help your brand to grow by increasing its reach. Using social media as a marketing channel is a technique used by marketers to help businesses in creating brand awareness, improve customer engagement and to boost sales revenue.

Some companies fail in using social media marketing properly and then they think that social media marketing doesn’t work. To be able to enjoy the perks of social media, it is essential to use social media effectively. To avoid any pitfalls, it is essential not to commit any mistake while doing social media marketing.

We’ve rounded up a few common social media marketing mistakes that one should avoid:

Lack of a strategy

The most common mistake that people tend to commit is not having a proper social media marketing strategy. You cannot make efficient use of social media without having a proper strategy. Just like other business goals, social media marketing also requires a good action plan which can clearly state your desired goals. Social media could be a total waste of time if you do not plan strategically. The brand having no strategy couldn’t flourish in the social media landscape.


Social media is all about engaging with the target audience but by doing over-promotion of your goods and services, you can make your audience annoyed. If you just post promotional content on your business page then there are high chances of losing followers as nobody likes to like to follow pages having too much promotional content.

Ignoring negative comments

The next mistake that people tend to commit is that they ignore negative comments. Failing to respond to the audience or ignoring negative comments will reflect your business in a bad light. By addressing people’s issue, you can help them trust you. Tackling the negative comments head on is the only way to handle the situation.

Relying too much on automation

Social media is a platform on which you can engage with your audience and build a better connection with them. Another common mistake that people tends to commit is that they use automated tools to post on their social media handles which end up making the audience feel alienated. Too much automation takes away the authenticity of the post.


Another common mistake is not being consistent in terms of posting. To be able to enjoy the perks of social media marketing, you need to stay consistent on that platform. Some marketers do not post regularly which ends up severely affecting their overall social media marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

Success in social media marketing can be achieved by avoiding all the mistakes that people tend to commit. With an effective social media marketing strategy, you can boost consumer engagement and drive more sales. Through social media, brands can easily reach out to a large number of audience & make a long-lasting connection with them.