Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid In 2019

In this digital world where algorithms of the search engine keep on changing, keeping up with quality SEO strategies is highly crucial for ranking well. However, by working in constant pressure of being on the top of the SERPs, one can easily make some terrible SEO mistakes. Nowadays, the quest of being on the top of the search engine is so fierce in every marketer that while keeping up with the SEO demands, they end up committing some SEO blunders which eventually hurt their website’s sales & traffic, and overall performance.

No matter how big or small your business is, it is highly important to stay away from all the misleading information that revolves around SEO. SEO is one of the most important marketing disciplines which can help you in securing a good spot in the SERPs. We all are very well aware of how high ranking on Google can make your business successful.

common seo mistakesOver the years, we’ve witnessed many marketers committing the same sets of SEO mistakes which end up creating obstacles in achieving their SEO goals.

Nowadays, when everything is available on the digital platform, it becomes quite difficult to have a strong online presence. To build a strong online presence, incorporating effective SEO strategies is essential but while you are dedicating all your hard work in boosting your site’s ranking & traffic, you must ensure that you aren’t committing any SEO mistakes.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some common SEO mistakes that one should avoid doing in 2019:

Ignoring “Google my business”

One of the most common mistakes that most people tend to commit while doing their website’s SEO is ignoring “Google my Business” listing. Nowadays, people tend to look online to find local stores/businesses. By getting your business listed in Google my business listing, you can drive more traffic as it has been proved in researches that people prefer buying products/services that rank higher in web results. It helps in improving your local ranking & also enhance the credibility of your business. Don’t forget to add photos, verify location & manage reviews as all these things will give an insight into your business to your visitors.

Not keeping up with the SEO trends

This digital world is evolving at a fast pace and someone who falls behind on trends & technologies ends up losing their traffic & visibility on the search engine. In this ever-changing SEO world, one of the common mistakes that some marketers tend to commit is sticking to the old sets of SEO tactics which bear little to no result in the long term. It is highly important to have a deep knowledge of the latest SEO trends & apply them to ensure that your business can easily rank on the search engine.

Not having any target audience

The internet is quite wide and is filled with a variety of different audience. Some marketers don’t filter their audience while working on their SEO campaign. It is highly crucial to define your target audience so that all your efforts can reach to the right set of people. By targeting a general audience, you won’t be able to your desired results. So, always know who your target audience is & then create all the strategies that can bring endless traffic to your site.

common seo mistakesChoosing unresearched keywords

Another common SEO mistake that people tend to make is that they incorporate unresearched keywords in their content. Targeting too competitive or wrong keywords will only waste your time, hard work & resources. The best sets of keywords are those that can generate high traffic with the least competition. Never ever target random keywords without doing brief research otherwise you will end up losing your website’s visibility & traffic.

Building spammy links

Another popular SEO mistake that people tend to commit is building spammy links. Although building spammy links is considered as a black-hat SEO technique still you can see a lot of marketers practising it. Google loves natural, high-authority backlinks and rank websites according to it but some marketers engage in buying low-quality links from spammy sites which end up getting penalties from Google.  Link building should be done organically & instead of wasting time on building dozens of spammy links,  put all your resources & hard work in building high-quality links. High-quality links is the best way to drive visibility, traffic & sales of your website.

Skipping meta-tags optimization

Another common mistake that people tend to make is that they tend to skip optimization of title tags & meta description. These are major aspects of on-page SEO, and skipping them can severely affect the performance of your website on the search engine. Along with meta tags, don’t forget to optimize the alt image text as it also plays a crucial role in improving your website’s visibility on the search engine. Also, all the web pages of your website should have a unique title & should give the idea of the page content.

So, these are some of the common mistakes that most marketers tend to make but now in 2019, to be able to rank higher on the search engine, it is highly essential to put a halt on all these mistakes as these mistakes can make your SEO efforts go down the drain. If you are doing any of these mistakes then don’t waste any more time & fix it right away.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to SEO, you need to ensure that nothing goes wrong as one wrong step can ruin all your SEO efforts. If you want to attain a good ranking on the search engine then don’t forget to keep an eye on the latest SEO trends & make sure to practice white-hat SEO techniques only.