Common On-page SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone wants to rank their website higher on the search engine as a higher ranking implies better sales opportunities & higher revenues. However, for improving website ranking, one must have a good understanding of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a tricky thing to do which is why most people end up committing mistakes. We all know how a small mistake in off-SEO practice can land your website in Google penalties but on-page SEO mistakes can also hurt your search engine ranking. Many people don’t realize that on-page SEO is equally important as the off-page SEO, and to be able to leverage your business on the digital platform, you need to incorporate effective SEO strategies.

Unlike off-page SEO, On-page SEO covers all the things that happen within a website. On-page SEO is totally in your control so by incorporating effective on-page SEO strategies and avoiding common mistakes, you can drive desired results. If you are really concerned with the success of your business then you should always avoid committing common on-page SEO mistakes.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common on-page SEO mistakes that you need to avoid in 2020:

Duplicate content

One of the most common on-page SEO mistakes that people do is adding duplicate content on their website. Most people turn blind eye to the duplicate content but doing so can eliminate your chances to rank higher on the search engine as Google prefers to rank only those site that has unique & valuable content. To be able to rank your website on SERPS, you need to make sure that your site doesn’t have duplicate content.

Misusing internal links

Creating internal links is a great way to pass link juice around the website. It is considered one of the powerful ways to help both users & search engines navigate your website. However, sometimes people misuse internal links by stuffing exact match anchor text in the content. This practice is highly unacceptable by Google as it affects the user experience of the users. You need to avoid committing this mistake as irrelevant internal links won’t be able to create a good hierarchy structure in your site.

Broken internal/ external links

The next common mistake that you should consider avoiding is broken links. Both internal or external link can result in dropping your traffic down. Having one or two broken links might not affect your site but as your site grows, there will be a possibility of excessive broken links which can severly affect your site’s ranking ability. Google doesn’t prefer to rank those sites higher which have excessive broken links in it as it gives crawl errors and also affects the user experience of the people so, you need to ensure that your site doesn’t have any broken links in it.

Skipping meta tags

The next common mistake that most people commit is that they skip adding meta tags in the content. Although meta tags aren’t as beneficial as they once used to be still it has some impact on your search engine performance as it indicates Google that you follow all the general rules & ensure to provide value to the audience.

Low word count

The next on-page mistake that people commit is that they add low word content in their pages which indicates Google that your content is not deep & valuable. Although Google hasn’t set any minimum word count still you need to ensure that all your webpages have longer content as it will help you in ranking better on the search engine. If you want your content to attain a prominent place in the search engine then you need to make your content more valuable for the readers.

Ignoring keyword research

The next common mistake that people tend to make is that they ignore doing proper keyword research. Doing proper keyword research is a part of an effective on-page SEO strategy as it helps in understanding targeting what keywords can help your website to reach your target audience. By including keywords in your website content, you can strengthen your site’s SEO.

Not promoting content

The next major mistake that people commit is that they don’t consider promoting their website content on various social media platforms. By not promoting your content, you lose out on a major chunk of traffic so always make sure to share your content on other platforms.


Speed is one of the major factor that Google considers while ranking a website. You need to make sure that your site opens up within seconds otherwise people will switch on to your competitor’s website. A fast website can easily drive higher traffic & also generate more sales & revenue.

Using the same anchor for every link

Optimizing anchor text is crucial to rank your webpages on the search engine but using the same anchor for every link can severely hurt your site SEO. You need to use different anchor text for the different links as then it will look natural to the search engine otherwise Google will think that you are manipulating search engine results.

So, these are the common on-page seo mistakes that everyone needs to avoid in order to strengthen their SEO. Just like off-page SEO, on-page SEO also requires equal efforts and strategies to impact your search engine ranking.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, avoiding on-page SEO issues is highly crucial to increase your search engine visibility. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can definitely stay ahead of your competitors in the search engine rankings.