Common mistakes of WordPress beginners

Being an open-source and flexible platform, WordPress has gained high popularity among the users. Both beginners and professionals prefer using WordPress over other website platforms. Though WordPress is easy to use and has a low learning curve, however, we can expect a few blunders from a WordPress beginner.

Beginners tend to learn from trial and error method but by knowing in advance what you should and shouldn’t do can help you in avoiding some common mistakes. By having a little know-how about WordPress, you can surely avoid the common mistakes that are committed by millions of people.

Here are a few common mistakes that every WordPress newbie must avoid:

Installing too many plugins

In WordPress, a wide range of plugins are available for adding any sort of functionality in your website. Newbie WordPress users tend to install too many plugins in their site which end up severely affecting the loading speed of their site. To avoid loading issue, one should only consider installing necessary plugins in the website. Beginners should select the plugins carefully and must incorporate those plugins which will help in running the website smoothly.

Forgetting about permalink

Most beginners tend to forget about changing the permalink structure. Using default permalink can hurt your SEO. A search engine friendly permalink structure should have appropriate keywords so that people can easily figure out the page content from the permalink.

Picking the wrong platform

Most beginners often end up choosing the wrong platform to build their website or blog. There is two WordPress platform available, one is a self-hosted platform (, and the other is ( which is the hosted version of this platform. So, if you want to have total control over your site then you must choose the self-hosted platform whereas if you want a simple personal blog then you should consider picking the other platform.

Ignoring updates

Another mistake that most WordPress newbie tends to commit is ignoring WordPress updates. One should always keep the site updated to keep it secure from hackers as well as other vulnerabilities. WordPress keeps on adding new features to harden the site security and to run it smoothly. So, for better protection and better features, one should always update the site regularly.

Not creating a backup

The next common mistake that most beginners tend to commit is not creating a backup of their site regularly. WordPress may offer proper security to your site but no technology is 100% foolproof, and sometimes, sites tend to get crash due to technical glitches. So, one must consider creating a backup of the site regularly to avoid losing your valuable data.

Ignoring SEO

Beginners tend to ignore the importance of SEO. By ignoring SEO, you cannot be able to reach to your target audience. With good keyword research and optimized content, you can improve your site SEO which will eventually help in gaining visibility in the search engine. WordPress offers SEO tool like Yoast SEO to help you rank and index your site. You can use Yoast SEO for complete SEO solution.

Not picking a responsive theme

Nowadays, 70% people surf the internet using their mobile devices so it becomes quite necessary to pick a responsive theme for the WordPress site. By choosing a responsive theme, your website will be visually acceptable regardless of the screen size of the device. It also helps in making the navigation easy so, the WordPress newbie must consider picking a responsive theme for their site


So, these are a few common mistakes that most WordPress beginners tend to commit. By avoiding all these mistakes, you can surely build a better website. Also, these could be possible reasons why visitors leave your website too early.