Common Dropshipping Challenges & How To Overcome Them?

Do you run a dropshipping store but couldn’t able to understand why you aren’t getting enough sales & revenue? Well, to run a successful dropshipping business, you need to take all the essential steps to avoid falling into any pitfall. In today’s e-commerce business model, dropshipping has become widely popular as it is quite easy to manage & run than a conventional business.

Even though a drop shipping business is easy to manage, some business owners find it quite challenging to stand out in the crowd. Just like any business, dropshipping has its own set of drawbacks but by handling it efficiently, you can surely overcome all the challenges.

Unlike conventional online business, in dropshipping business, you don’t have to maintain a warehouse of inventory which removes the major hurdle of running an e-commerce business online. Dropshipping is easy to start but to make it highly successful you should be aware of common dropshipping challenges so that you can incorporate effective strategies to avoid them.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some common dropshipping challenges & how you can overcome them effectively:

Challenge 1: Out of stock problem

Not having to hold inventory is surely a big advantage in dropshipping business but sometimes it can turn into a big problem. In dropshipping, you have to source products from a third party so you can’t exactly know about the availability of the product. No matter how good hard you try to know about the status of the product still you can’t be fully sure about it so it is always a big problem in dropshipping business. The out of stock message can end up making your customers reach out to the different store and you will lose out on the sales opportunity.

To overcome this issue:

To combat this issue, you can try to source the product from another supplier. Relying on more than a single supplier can help you overcome this issue. You need to make a list of alternative suppliers so that you can contact them whenever your initial supplier couldn’t able to provide you with the products that your customers have requested. And, if you couldn’t able to source it from another supplier then you need to be upfront with your customers and should tell them about it. This way your customers will understand your issue and will surely come back later to buy it or you can also suggest them some similar products that might interest your customers.

Challenge 2: Shipping wrong items to the customers

The next common dropshipping issue is shipping wrong items to the customers. If your supplier mistakenly shipped the wrong item then its responsibility falls on your shoulder. Your customer will complain to you about it and you are liable to take responsibility and fixed it. Although your supplier will pay the expense for it, however,  the image of your business will get tarnished if this issue persists. Your customers will not see whether it is your fault or your suppliers and all the blame will fall on your business. You need to avoid falling in this problem otherwise your business reputation will suffer.

To overcome this issue:                                                                          

To deal with this issue, you need to keep regular checks on your supplier so that he doesn’t supply the wrong item to your customers. Don’t forget to check the invoice before shipping the product to the customer. And, if your customers have already received the wrong item then have a complaint you about it then you should not waste any time to fix the issue. You can also give a discount coupon as a token of apology for their future purchases.

Challenge 3: Delay in processing the order

The next common issue that most drop shippers have to face delays in the processing the order of the customers. When shipping takes forever then it can make your customers fully frustrated. Once your customer has placed an order with you then you should contact your supplier to ship the product as soon as possible so that it can reach on time. Delay in processing the order can make your customer pissed and they might not like to place any future order so you need to avoid this issue.

To overcome this issue:

To avoid this major pitfall, you need to start processing the order within 24 hours of the order placed and also don’t forget to keep your customers updated so that they can know when their item will reach their doorstep. If due to any reason, you couldn’t deliver the item on time then you should call or mail your customer to tell them about the same, this way you can avoid making your customers annoyed.

Challenge 4: Item arrived damaged

Another big challenge most dropshipper have to face is when a damaged item gets shipped to the customers. Nobody prefers to receive a damaged item, and it can put off your customers so you need to take all the possible measure to avoid this from happening otherwise it can ruin your business reputation.

To overcome this issue:

To avoid this major issue, you should be well-aware of your suppliers return policy so that you can return or replace the damaged product and deliver a fresh piece to your customer. This way you can easily resolve the issue. Make sure to provide all the possible assistance to your customers so that you can easily resolve the problem without pissing off your customers.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, running a drop shipping business is a great idea but to make most out of it, you need to take all the necessary measures to avoid falling into its common pitfalls.