Common blogging mistakes to avoid

In this digital landscape, every big and small company has a blog section on their website as it is a great tool to generate traffic, engagements & social share. By creating an engaging blog section, you can build a relationship with your target audience, gain reputation, promote goods & services. Most newbie marketers don’t take their blogs seriously due to which they couldn’t able to achieve their marketing goals.

Nowadays, one of the easiest & quickest way to attain a good ranking on the search engine is by creating great blog content. By having a blog section, you can update your site regularly with informative posts and rank on more keywords. With blogs, you can share your thoughts, ideas and also promote your service to your target audience, however, most people mess up things that end up creating blogging pitfalls for them. The content should be created in a way that can easily engage people.

The blog can induce a plethora of leads to your website so you need to ensure that you share only quality content in it. Producing great content is essential to drive high inbound traffic and ultimately grow your business.

The digital landscape is full of cheap information so if you want to achieve your business goal then you need to make your content well-informative enough to attract more and more visitors. A newbie blogger will usually commit some mistakes when they start out. Are you also just entering into the world of blogging and worried about committing mistakes?  then don’t worry we are at your rescue.

We’ve rounded a few blogging mistakes that one needs to avoid:

Misunderstanding who your audience is

The first blogging mistake that most people tend to make is that they misunderstand who their audience is. Most newbie bloggers fail to establish a good connection with their audience because they target the wrong audience. Before creating content, you need to figure out who your target audience is then you need to craft your blog posts in a way that it can easily boost engagements. You need to understand what topic might interest your audience then do proper research regarding it to create a post that is full of information. To be able to increase user engagements, you need to make your content original and crisp.


Blogging is something that needs to be practiced consistently to fetch desired results. Both quality and frequency should be maintained. If you only blog occasionally then you might start losing all your regular readers. While being consistent, you should never comprise with the quality of the content as fluff content is just garbage and search engine also don’t like to rank such blogposts higher on the search engine.

Not writing compelling headings

Another common mistake that most people tend to commit while writing blog posts is that they don’t consider writing compelling headings. You should always make your heading interesting enough to capture the attention of the audience. Creative headings will make people click on the post and read it. You can drive more traffic to your website by writing interesting headlines.

Only promoting your products & services

The next common mistake that most people tend to commit is only promoting their company’s products & services. No one would be interested in reading blog posts that just talks about your products & services. You need to put out informative content so that it can add value to your audience. You can promote your products/services in a way that shows your customers that your products can solve their problems.

Not promoting blog content

The next mistake that most people tend to commit while blogging is that they don’t promote their own content. Just creating content isn’t enough, you need to share your content so well that it gets the attention it deserves. By sharing your content on different platforms, you can definitely drive a high volume of traffic. A good promoting strategy will help you reach out to more people who might eventually become your regular readers.

Stiff writing

Another common mistake is stiff writing. Your writing should be simple and creative so that everyone can easily understand it. The style of writing shouldn’t be stiff as then people will not enjoy reading it. You should write a blogpost in a way that it can effortlessly engage people. To keep people interested in reading your whole posts, you need to make it easily readable.

Your blog isn’t user-friendly

The next common mistake is that your blog isn’t user-friendly. Some people make their website navigation quite difficult which is why they end up losing their potential readers. Your web layout and navigation should be clean and clear so that everyone can easily explore your blogposts. Also, make sure your font isn’t hard to read otherwise it can ruin the user experience of the users. Even the color combination should be appropriate enough to attract efforts. All these factors shouldn’t be overlooked otherwise it can severely impact the user-friendliness of your blog.

Avoiding blog SEO

Avoiding blog SEO is a great mistake that everyone should avoid committing. You need to make your every post well-optimized so that it can easily rank on the search engine. You should frame your meta title and meta description and keywords in a way that it can easily reach out to your target audience. Neglecting SEO can harm your website google ranking so you should never neglect it.

So, these are the common blogging mistakes that most newbie bloggers tend to commit. To make your blog popular among your target audience, you should avoid falling into these blogging pitfalls.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we can say that to run your business smoothly, you should always avoid falling into any pitfalls. Blogging mistakes are easily avoidable by taking effective measures & precautions so take your time and create engaging content.