Best Tools To Check Keyword Ranking In Google

Best Tools To Check Keyword Ranking In Google

It is very important to get to the top rank on a search engine, especially Google, in order to get more organic traffic and conversions. For this, the content on your website needs to be optimized. And, the most important factor for optimization is “keywords”. There are various niche-specific keywords that can help in improving the ranking and traffic to your website. So, for better growth, don’t just go around blindly. Choose a data-driven way to do so.

It is very easy to find various tools and applications to serve the purpose. But, not all of them are reliable. You need to cross-check the keywords obtained from different platforms and then sort out a list.

Confused? Don’t know how to proceed? Well, that’s what we are here for!  Here are some best tools to check keyword ranking in Google.



It has become one of the most used tools, especially for small and medium-scale businesses. SEMRush is a complete package tool. With this, you can easily analyze any domain, check website progress, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, site audit, and much more!

Using robust metrics, SEMRush allows you to find the top keywords for a particular domain or niche. Also, this tool makes it very easy to develop guest blogging strategies and effortless keyword research. It is best suited for eCommerce businesses. Talking about the cons, It might be expensive for some businesses, keeping in mind the annual budget.



It is suitable for any business type. Ahrefs allows you to create clear backlink analysis reports and content strategies. It is very helpful in generating numerous keywords and ranking. 

In addition to this, Ahrefs shows the ranking history, URL ranking, site audits, competitor analysis, and monitors outbound links. No doubt, Ahrefs has one of the best user interfaces among all the SEO tools and applications. But, a drawback is that it gets slightly expensive for some.



Moz is deemed to be one of the top keyword rank-checking tools by many. Similar to SEMRush, Moz is also a complete package. Be it keyword analysis, URL inspection, or backlink analysis, this tool does it all!

Moz Pro is the advanced version with many other tools for SEO analysis. Also, it offers link profile analysis which is very helpful in keyword analysis and on-page as well as off-page optimization. The only con of using Moz is that it shows metrics only from the US.


SE Ranking

It is a well-known platform for keyword research, website audit, and backlink research. The user interface is found to be one of the best. This tool offers amazing digital marketing and search engine optimization solutions to users.

It has been found that SE ranking offers up to 100% keyword tracking reports.  Also, it comes with Google Search Console and Google Analytics Integration. The con which comes with this tool is that it might load slowly if the lists are longer.


It is a very easy-to-use and convenient keyword rank checking tool. It is helpful in on-page and off-page optimization. Also, digital marketers use this tool to build content marketing campaigns and hence improve page rankings.

The price plans for this tool are quite reasonable and the only drawback is that it doesn’t provide all the tools required for SEO.


Wrapping it up, we can say that you can easily achieve the rankings and goals that you wish for your business. All you need is a good keyword analysis in order to improve the leads and sales. So, do check out these best tools to check keyword ranking in Google. For more such informative posts, go through our blog here.