Best SEO Practices for 2019

To gain a significant place in this volatile digital landscape, one needs to incorporate the best SEO practices. With a good SEO approach, you can make your website perform well in the search engine. Google tends to update its algorithm on a regular basis and making it harder to get found so you need to put some good SEO practices in work to leverage your visibility.

You need to build a formidable SEO profile of your business website so that it can easily withstand any change in the search engine algorithm.

By SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are referring to both on-page and off-page SEO.

The best practices in On-page SEO is you need to do all optimization activities into your web pages like optimizing meta title, description and adding focus keywords whereas, in Off-page optimization, you need to focus on link building, guest posting, and directory submission etc.

Good SEO practices imply adhering to the white hat SEO practices only. Using black hat practices to manipulate the search engine will make your site blacklisted.

Here are a few best SEO practices that you need to implement in 2019:

Optimize your content

You need to focus on optimizing the content of your website as the content is considered as the king of SEO. Unique and valuable content is the lifeblood of your site. Both visitors and search engine prefer high-quality & valuable content. To make your website rank higher in the search engine, you need to focus on writing fresh content and then carefully optimizing it so that it performs well in the SEO landscape.

Seo-friendly URLs

To leverage your SEO, it is essential to make the permalinks of your site user-friendly. Using default permalink can hurt your SEO. A search engine friendly permalink structure should have appropriate keywords so that people can easily figure out the page content from the permalink. Also, one should avoid having any broken links on the website as it can also affect the SEO of the site.

Voice search

Voice search and SEO are closely related as nowadays more and more people prefer to make queries in the search engine using voice search so you need to optimize your site content accordingly. Voice searches are consistently growing so you need to focus on using long-tail keyword so that you can get easily found in the search engine result pages.

Mobile-first Indexing

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites as more than 80% people make use of their mobile devices to visit any website. Using responsive design is the best possible solution to make it run smoothly on all types of devices.

Optimize for featured snippets

To achieve visibility in the search engine, you need to focus on optimizing the featured snippets. Featured snippets are the short answers to the search engine query. By optimizing the featured snippet, you can have a significant gain in the website traffic.

Final thoughts

To conclude this we can say that, by incorporating best SEO practices you can satisfy both your visitors and the search engine, and gain high organic traffic and visibility in this digital landscape.