Are No-follow Links Good For SEO?

When it comes to SEO, link building plays a crucial role in contributing tons of organic traffic from Google to your website. Link building is all about creating dofollow & nofollow backlinks, however, over the years there is a big debate among marketers whether building no-follow backlinks are worth all the money & efforts? We all know backlinks help in establishing authority on the internet. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors that Google uses. To be able to rank higher, one should have high-quality backlinks linking to their site which will indicate the search engine that your site is trustworthy. Backlinks are divided into two categories: Dofollow & Nofollow links, and some marketers firmly believe that one should always spend their resources & efforts on creating do-follow backlinks whereas some believe that both do-follow & no-follow impact the SEO of a website.

Before understanding the worth standing of no-follow backlinks in SEO, we need to what is it & how it really works?

What are No-follow backlinks?

A no-follow link is an HTML tag that is added to the links telling Google “not to follow this link”. Although no-follow links don’t give you direct link juice still it is highly beneficial for your site’s backlink profile. Surely, do-follow backlinks have high-SEO value but one shouldn’t ignore no-follow backlinks. Even high authoritative websites such as Forbes & huff post give no-follow backlinks in their articles but it helps in boosting the visibility on the search engine.

This is how the no-follow link looks like:

<a href=” rel=“nofollow”>anchor text</>

Back in the year 2005, the concept of no-follow came into existence with the aim of fighting comment link spam. The links work like a normal hyperlink but when google bots crawl the link then it doesn’t give link juice to those links. A good mixture of do-follow & no-follow links can help you in establishing as a trustworthy website.

We’ve rounded a few reasons why creating no-follow links are good for SEO:

No-follow links make your profile look natural

One of the most important reasons for creating no-follow backlink is that it helps in giving a natural look to your link profile. Some people spend all their hard work & resources in creating do-follow backlinks and they end up getting penalized by Google. The backlink profile of a website should be consist of both do-follow & no-follow backlinks as then it will give a natural look to your profile. If you check the link structure of high authoritative websites then you’ll see that they have around 20-30 percent no-follow backlinks so creating no-follow links can actually save you from getting penalized.

No-follow backlinks are better than no links

Links are highly valuable to attain a higher position in the search engine. Building a no-follow link is far better than creating no links. It may not help you in boosting your website ranking but surely unlocks a number of opportunities to connect with your target audience. A backlink can give you all the exposure & help you in attaining your business goals. It plays a crucial role in a lead generation so never ever think twice while building no-follow backlinks.

No-follow backlinks help in boosting traffic

One of the major goals of every website owner is to have endless traffic on their website. High traffic is essential for boosting conversion rates, and by creating relevant no-follow backlinks, you can give more exposure to your website. If you create a link of the high-authoritative website which receives high traffic on a daily basis then you can also expect a good amount of traffic from that single link.

No-follow backlinks help in diversifying your link profile

The majority of high-authoritative websites such as directories, Wikipedia, social networks, etc. give no-follow backlinks. They may have no direct impact on your website but it does have indirectly as it helps in boosting traffic & visibility of the website. Moreover, Google loves those websites which have a diverse link profile & it also gives the signal that the website is not undertaking any suspicious practice.

No-follow backlinks are highly valuable in local SEO

When it comes to local SEO, no-follow backlinks are highly impactful. When you optimize your website for the local SEO then those no-follow links can actually help in making it clear to Google about the search intent. The address of your website should be attached to no-follow links to give your SEO some boost.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up we can say that, no-follow links may seem irrelevant or wastage of time but in reality they are really impactful for a successful SEO strategy. It not only helps in bringing high traffic to your website but also improves conversion rate & overall performance of the website on the search engine.