A Guide to App Store Optimization

App store optimization or app store SEO is all about ensuring that your app meets all the criteria to be able to rank higher on the app store search results. To make the most profit out of your mobile app, you need to optimize it in a way that its visibility & volume of organic downloads gets improved.

Just like websites, mobile apps also need proper SEO. Having a deep understanding of app store optimization can help you in standing out from the crowd. The major goal of every business is to ensure that the volume of organic download increases, and for that, you need to consider doing app store optimization. Nowadays, mobile apps are highly popular in the business world that’s why thousands of mobile apps are added to play store & app store on a daily basis. With such enormous numbers, it becomes essential to boost your app’s visibility which eventually will result in more users & better revenue.

There are around 8 million mobile apps and this landscape is continuously evolving day by day so to make most out of that platform, you need to optimize your app to generate higher conversion rates. By optimizing your mobile app, you can maximize your traffic & conversion rates.

Just like search engine optimization of a website has 2 factors, off-page seo & on page seo. Mobile apps also have two factors, one is on-meta data & the other is off-meta data. The on-meta data includes all the elements that can be modified such as app visibility, URL, keywords, titles & subtitles, etc. All these elements can be improved or changed in the app store/play store itself. Whereas, the off-meta data includes all the external elements that are not under the control of a developer such as ratings, reviews & engagements etc. Optimizing your mobile app for both on-meta & off-meta is essential to make your mobile app stand out in the crowd.

We’ve rounded up some effective ways with which you can successfully do your app store optimization:

Choose keywords wisely

One of the most important thing that you need to consider while optimizing your app is to choose the keywords wisely. Picking the right set of keywords can help you in driving more traffic and engagements. Your app would be available globally so you need to choose the kind of keywords that is well-recognized world-wide. You need to handle your keywords differently in app store & play store as in app store, you can only add 100 keywords whereas in play store, you will not find any specific keyword field but you can incorporate keywords in description section. While doing optimization, always make sure to not to stuff your app with keywords as doing that would surely drop your ranking & your app can also get penalized.

Add a great description

The next effective way to optimize your website is by adding a great & engaging description that will make it easier for all the people to understand what your app all about. By adding a good & persuative description, you can make your app more approachable. It will also encourage all the users to download your app. Make sure to include all the key benefits of your app in the description so that you can have better conversion  rates.

Display HD screenshorts

Screenshots make a big difference in app’s download rates. It is an influential factor that most people consider while deciding whether to download the app or not. By having high quality screenshots, you can make your app look appealing enough to strike the download button within seconds.

Choose the correct category

The next thing that you need to consider while optimizing your mobile app is choosing a correct category so that users can easily find you. Always choose the category that fits well for your app otherwise you may loose your potential traffic. If you want your app to rank higher then you should consider choosing a correct category that best describes your mobile app.

Localize your app

Localizing your app is a great way to reach the masses. Although English is the most spoken language in the world still localizing it can make it available for the native users. First you need to understand who your target audience is then you should consider all the content in theie language.

Encourage good reviews

The next thing that you should consider doing is encouraging the users who give you good reviews. Positive rating can positively impact your app store optimization as most people tend to read reviews before downloading any app so you should encourage users to review your app. You can send a pop-up or push notification to encourage your users to give you good reviews.

Add a powerful video

The effective way to boost your mobile app is by adding a powerful video that convince your users to download it. Visual media are more effective than text, and you can easily communicate the message you want to convey through it.

So, these are some of the effective ways to optimize your mobile app to boost is boost its visibility and overall performance of the search engine. By doing proper optimization of your app, you can boost its conversion rate and visibility.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we can say that mobile apps optimization is as much important as website’s SEO. If you want your app to rank higher then you should work on doing its optimization.