Tips to do smart social media marketing

In this digital age, having a social media presence is of utmost importance as it is a great tool with which one can create a good network. Cultivating a good network can help you in driving your business growth, and with smart social media marketing, one can take his business to the next level. Continue Reading

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Best Practices for Ad placement

Every website owner wants to monetize their web property by creating an effective ad placement. Placing targeted ads strategically is essential to yielding more revenue. Google Adsense is the most reliable way of monetizing your website, however, to be able to make most out of the ads, you need to carefully organize your website’s Continue Reading

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Why Internal Linking Matters for SEO?

Internal backlinks are a crucial part of SEO as it helps you in establishing a hierarchy on your site. Google loves those webpages where the content of the post is somewhere linked to the other posts of the same website as it gives the idea of the structure of the website. Just like external Continue Reading

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Things One Can Do With Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool offered by Google which can help you in understanding how Google analyzes your website. Once the website is set up successful, one of the first thing that people should consider doing is creating a google search console account for their website. Google search console helps in improving Continue Reading

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Pros & Cons of Using a WordPress Child Theme

A Wordpress child theme is a secondary theme which inherits the functionality of the parent theme framework. The main purpose of using a child theme is to customize an existing WordPress theme without worrying about losing the modifications. Developers tend to do their custom styling in the child theme and avoid working on the Continue Reading

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Best Practices For a Successful E-Commerce Website

The world of e-commerce websites is constantly evolving and to be able to stand out among other e-commerce websites, it is essential to have a strong online presence. Incorporating the best e-commerce practices can successfully capture customers attention and boost their sales. E-commerce is definitely a challenging industry, where success is measured in terms Continue Reading

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