Debunking Common WordPress Myths

In the digital ecosystem, there are around 31% of WordPress operated websites on the internet. However, there are still some WordPress myths that need to be debunked to present the true picture behind all the myths that revolve around the WordPress landscape. Although WordPress is the most popular website builder, there are certain misconceptions Continue Reading

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Things that could hurt your SEO

Bad SEO can have a severe impact on your search ranking. In this digital landscape, SEO plays a crucial role in boosting your ranking and overall traffic. Understanding inns & outs of SEO is of supreme importance to avoid doing anything that could hurt your website’s SEO. Incorporating deceptive SEO tactics can harm your Continue Reading

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Easy Ways to Improve Organic CTR (click-through rate) in WordPress

In this SEO ecosystem, everyone wants to rank higher on the search engine however there are many factors that affect its ranking, and one among them is CTR (click-through rate). Click-through rate is the ratio of the people who click on your organic search result against the total number of impressions. Improving organic CTR Continue Reading

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Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2019

Keeping up with upcoming SEO trends is a great way to up your SEO game in 2019. In this rapid-changing SEO environment, bringing your website into the limelight is quite a daunting task, however, by tracking all the upcoming SEO trends, you can easily shine out in the digital landscape. To stay ahead of Continue Reading

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Web Design Trends for 2019

The world of web design is constantly evolving, and new trends are emerging each year. It's 2019 and new trends have driven the world of web designs. We all know that a great website is an amalgamation of both aesthetics & technology. Trends depict the cultural movement taking place in the contemporary period. In Continue Reading

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Things you need to do after launching a WordPress website

Launching your WordPress website and making it available to the world is just the beginning of your website journey. To achieve all your business goals, you need to create a post-launch strategy. All your months of hard work to establish your online presence doesn’t end with launching a website. There are many things to Continue Reading

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Why WordPress is an ideal platform for startups?

In today’s digital landscape, WordPress is the leading content management system in the world. Having a plethora of functionalities, it is an ideal platform for starting a venture. Generally, startups do not have enough money to reach out to their potential customers so in that case, WordPress comes at its rescue. With WordPress, startups Continue Reading

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